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Why Work With Us/Philosophy


The Solaris Family

"People First": This is the motto that drives all actions and strategies at Solaris. An approach marked by deep care and concern for each individual within the organization irrespective of level, color, caste, creed etc., has been the central theme for the business.

We are a performance driven organization that provides a nurturing environment and a supportive platform to ensure people development while achieving business goals. At Solaris, all employees form part of a family where members are treated with respect, dignity and are also given enough freedom to unravel their creative side, innovate, experiment and contribute.

The empowerment at each level ensures exceptional ideas do take shape and allow the entrepreneurial spirit blossom. Empowerment at the other end is well supported by people oriented policies that ensure fairness and ample avenues for comfort and engagement right from ensuring the right work life balance, support during medical exigencies to providing support for professional development. Solaris continuously strives to provide an enabling environment for high performance.

Powered by its people and their untiring coordinated efforts, Solaris has gained and maintained leadership position for itself in the industry and is well respected for its people policies and practices.

A Passionate team with High Achievers
A passionate approach is a key element for creating excellence in business. This attitude is a the core of successful performance at Solaris where continuous improvement and a drive towards excellence is the cornerstone of organizational strategy.

Employees are hired and groomed, leading to the creation of a pool of management talent having the same direction, complementing skill sets, along with the right attitudes, personalities and values. We believe that this talent pool will build the future of our business.

What does Solaris offer to your career:

  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Fast track growth for high performers
  • Fairness, Freedom and empowerment to perform
  • Value Addition through challenging assignments
  • Pride in culture and Values.

Who do we look for?
Our objective has always been to acquire quality people and groom them to become leaders. Our employees are people who take pride in continually doing better than their best; people with a passion to succeed; people who have a fire within to perform and realize results….People who want to ‘WIN’ (W -Work hard, I- Innovate and N-Never give up).

We are looking for employees with certain basic attributes:

  • Integrity
  • A Positive Attitude
  • High Energy
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Team Skills
  • Strategic Thinking