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About Solaris


Solaris ChemTech Industries Limited (SCIL), a part of the $ 4 billion Avantha Group, has been in existence since the early 1970s. Solaris ChemTech, as our name suggests, embodies the virtues that are associated with the sun - growth, energy, and passion. We combine the power of solar energy with cutting edge technology to provide products and solutions to our partners with an emphasis on our commitment to the environment.

We are proud to be India’s largest manufacturer of bromine and bromine chemicals,

Solaris adds value to a diverse set of industries including

  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Agrochemicals (crop protection),
  • electronics,
  • Dyes,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Electronics,

SCIL has grown over the last few decades from being a single product company to being market leaders in the segments it operates in. This has possible through our commitment to delivering value to our customers in a responsible manner. We have thrived on innovation, both process and product innovation, integrity, and a deep respect for our people, who form the backbone of our organisation. Our focus going forward will be on developing new speciality intermediates for the pharmaceuticals and agrochemical (crop protection) industries.

SCIL is a signatory to the 'Responsible Care' movement, and is committed to all its spheres of activities. Community and social awareness programmes instituted by the company contribute to the well-being and the advancement of the communities in the vicinity of its plants. SCIL was awarded the TERI National Award for Social Responsibility, recognizing its education initiative at Khavda taken with the help of NGO, Pratham.