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CSR / Community


Our plants are located in remote locations where human development levels were far behind national levels. Our CSR activities are focused on developing the communities in and around our facilities with the aim of raising development levels above national levels.

We work with an NGO near our Khavda facility to educate residents of the villages around us. Literacy levels have been low due to lack of educational opportunities in the area. This compounded livelihood issues. Our CSR team along with our NGO partner devised a multi-pronged approach to raise the educational level of children in the area, with special focus on the girl child. Currently more than 600 children are enrolled in various learning centers in the area. We are also engaging teachers in further training to enhance their skills. We are in process of increasing the number of learning centers.

Mobile Dispensary
Villagers near our Khavda facility did have access to medical facilities We provide health facilities to 15 villages through a Mobile Health Clinic. Free medical checkups and medicines are provided to the patients.

Livelihood Enhancement

  • Livestock Development Initiative in assistance with GRISERV BAIF (NGO). Over 50% of people in Kutch rely on livestock as their main source of income. We work with GRISERV to reduce livestock mortality rates, pregnancy related problems, and low prices of milk to improve income levels in the area. Specific initiatives include vaccination programmes, deworming and mineral mixture, animal health camps, awareness drives, and fodder development. Every year more than 20,000 animals (5000 large & 15,000 small) are covered under preventive health care (vaccination) program. The collaboration with local dairy has ensured that people get the correct price of the milk.
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) and income generating activities. Incomes raised through livelihood initiatives need to be saved. These savings must be reinvested in livelihood options that in turn raise incomes, setting up a virtuous cycle. Women have always been neglected and excluded from the mainstream development process and within a given society they are at bottom of the development pyramid. Microfinance and Microcredit initiative has been started to help women in gaining financial independence, decision making power and freedom from the clutches of money lenders. Presently, there are 13 functional SHGs with total 186 women members and they have made savings of Rs. 114,000 till now.