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Why Work With Us/Philosophy


The Solaris Family
Solaris ChemTech, a part of the $4 billion Avantha Group, is known as the “Entrepreneurial Incubator” in the Indian Chemical Industry. We believe in empowering people to achieve their goals – goals achieved by the convergence of talent and innovation, powered by ownership and the freedom to experiment, leading to tremendous growth and gains for the individual and the organization.

At Solaris, people are not just employees but family. So, like an important member of the family should, you get endless freedom to experiment, unlimited empowerment to execute your dreams, and the rare opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

Our HR philosophy is “beyond HR Practices and Systems”, where we are ceaselessly creating the ‘Solaris Family’, whose DNA is Pride, Passion, Performance and People, with an inexhaustible Spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Building a Global team of high achievers
Solaris believes in grooming business leaders and building a global team of high achievers for the present and the future. Employees are hired and groomed, leading to the creation of a pool of management talent having the same direction, complementing skill sets, along with the right attitudes, personalities and values. We believe that this talent pool will build the future of our business.

We at Solaris know what young engineers want

  • Feel passionate about their work
  • Excited about their jobs
  • nriched by career opportunities
  • Motivated by the company’s leaders
  • Inspired by the company’s sense of mission

What do you get at Solaris?

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Fast track growth for high performers
  • Skill enhancement to boost one’s careers
  • Long term commitment to one’s growth
  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Work one feels passionate about
  • Pride in culture and values

Who do we look for?
Our objective has always been to acquire quality people and groom them to become leaders. Our employees are people who take pride in continually doing better than their best; people with a passion to succeed; people who have a fire within to perform and realize results….People who want to ‘WIN’ (W –Work hard, I- Innovate and N-Never give up).

We are looking for employees with certain basic attributes:

  • Integrity
  • A Positive Attitude
  • High Energy
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Team Skills
  • Strategic Thinking